Pops of Color & Tradition: The Beauty of Czech Glass Seed Beads

Hello everyone! We wanted to share some history on the beautiful Czech glass beads used in our bracelet designs. Small but mighty, these tiny seed beads are packed with a rich tradition that’s hundreds of years in the making.
Originating from the Czech Republic, these beads are known for their vibrant colors and exceptional quality. Each bead is made from high-quality glass, carefully crafted with traditional techniques passed down from generations of glassmakers dating back to the 13th century, when Bohemian glassmakers began making hand-blown beads for trade with other countries.

Czech Republic

By the 18th century, the glassmaking craft had evolved with glassmakers developing new techniques like pressed glass, that enhanced the quality even further. This technique involved pressing molten glass into molds which created intricate designs and shapes with consistency. By this time, the Czech Republic had become one of the largest and finest producers of glass beads in the world.  
In the 19th century, the demand for Bohemian glass beads continued to increase, particularly in the form of seed beads, which were used for a variety of purposes including clothing, textiles, and jewelry.
Glass Seed Beads Textile Appliques
As glassmakers continued to refine their techniques from pressed glass to lamp-working and then onto kiln-firing in the 20th century, the amount they could produce consistently increased, and also the variety of shapes and styles. With these advancements, the exportation of Czech beads grew throughout Europe and beyond.
The result today is a stunning and sparkling variety of high craftsmanship beads in colors and finishes for every style and mood, from matte to metallic, transparent to opaque, iridescent, and everything in between. Their versatility has made them a staple in the creative world, and you’ll see them embellishing beautiful textiles, home décor, and being hand crocheted bead by bead into each of our bracelet designs with care:)
Simply Marblevous Glass Seed Bead Bracelet for Women


  • Sandra W

    Received my 5 bracelets and they are so pretty. It’s exactly what is show and I just love them. The delivery was super fast and will be ordering more. I appreciate the size options available since I have a large/wide hand.

  • Gina

    I cannot wait to make my first purchase

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